Outstanding performance during matches

Real-Time Dynamic Engine   HD 3D Graphics   HD 3D Graphics

Make real money in various ways

  • Free trading of players.
    The player’s worth increases with the number of transactions.

  • Lead your team to participate in the competition and win the group promotion award.

  • The stronger the player's ability is, the higher the team's strength becomes and the more money you receive from the ranking rewards.
    Keeping a high ranking not only provides you with ranking rewards, but also gives you a chance to win more prizes.

  • The game supports multiple currencies to be used.
    There will also be more revenue streams in the future, so stay tuned.


Football King has been officially launched! All the possessions or player's data in gamers' accounts from the previous presale event (Aug.12th-Aug.26th) have been synchronize into the game app. Gamers can start playing the game by downloading the new app and registering with the same phone number to activate their accounts.

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An Introduction to the Gameplay